DendroTech California Oaks and Associated Wildlife
DendroTechCalifornia Oaks and Associated Wildlife

Wildlife Proliferation


  • Detailed information about wildlife
  • Detection
  • Surveys
  • Habitat evaluation, development and management
  • We make good things better!
  • Want more quail?  More raptors?  Just want to better see what is out there?  We can help.

We bring it all together: the oaks, the habitat and the wildlife.  We can create an environment with the right conditions to attract and maintain specific wildlife species.  This approach can work for many animals.  We call it Wildlife Proliferation.  


Which animals benefit from oaks?  There are hundreds of species in California which benefit, directly or indirectly. Mistletoe and lichens are high value foods.  Acorns are especially valuable because they are nutritious food, store well in the hard husk, and remain palatable and nutritious as food for many months - unlike most other foods which perish or degrade sooner.  So oaks help wildlife.  A LOT! 


Deer depend on oaks.  They eat the foliage and browse the twigs.  Deer relish mistletoe (toxic to humans) and moistened lichens as high value oak associated foods, when winds knock them from the trees to the ground. The acorns can be so important that during "good" acorn production years the deer are better nourished, often resulting in does conceiving and birthing  more offspring. This also helps the fawns survive better because they are better nourished with plentiful acorn supply and are therefore stronger and better able to avoid predators.  More acorns alone can increase a deer population! 


Quail populations can usually be increased with habitat manipulations.  Quail are one of the easiest and most responsive species to work with. Populations can often be increased dramatically with habitat work.  


At DendroTech, we are uniquely qualified to help you identify your goals for increasing wildlife on your property and developing management plans to achieve those goals.  Let DendroTech help you enjoy more of the oak associated wildlife you desire.  It may well be easier that you think.


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